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Webinar Summary
In 2018, many organizations are looking to enable the business with self-service data. A successful strategy will set a strong foundation that empowers business users to be self-sufficient in all ways they interact with enterprise data. In this webinar, John O’Brien, principal advisor at Radiant Advisors, will share the latest research on enterprise self-service data and will discuss the six pillars that are necessary for success.

When all six capabilities are present in a single platform, the result is improved speed and agility in solving business needs. Business users directly benefit from this balance of freedom with end-to-end governance, individual work with community collaboration and insight with the assistance of artificial intelligence recommendations.

Attend this webinar to learn: 

  • Risks of not embracing all six areas for comprehensive self-service data capabilities
  • Why data discovery tools are the start of the self-service data journey
  • Benefits of a comprehensive platform
  • Recommendations for implementation
Join us and learn to achieve self-service data for the enterprise. 



John O’Brien
Principal Advisor & CEO
Radiant Advisors


Sean Keenan
Co-Founder & VP of Products
Unifi Software