According to Ovum, the number of data consumers in the typical enterprise has grown massively over time. A higher demand for data sets that are ready for manipulation has challenged IT-centric models for preparing and standardizing data for analysis. The rise of the self-service analytics era, therefore, has urged a more flexible, iterative approach to data preparation.

Unifi was purposely built to address this need by providing all business users inside of an organization with the ability to find and use the data that’s most important to them while ensuring that IT has full governance over its data.

Unifi takes a single-platform approach to address all self-service needs – from data discovery to prep – leading up to the visualization and analysis process, providing a single, collaborative environment that is bound by the consistent application of governance and security policies. The platform offers an integrated set of capabilities that span four core "pillars" of self-service functionality: governance and security, catalog and discovery, data preparation, and workflow and scheduling. Data cataloging and artificial intelligence capabilities, in particular, are strongly integrated and natively developed as part of the platform.

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