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We know it’s “all about the data” these days, organizations of all sizes and verticals are recognizing that the data industry is also changing: New tools, platforms and ways to govern data users are required to support data discovery and use through all skill levels and departments. Meanwhile, the volume, velocity, types, structure and sources of the data are also changing. All of this impacts the expectations for a business to make data-backed decisions; and in doing so, the teams who own, work, use and manage the data.

While nobody has a magic crystal ball that can see everything in the future, the Unifi team has identified six data industry predictions for 2019. These predictions are backed by data, countless conversations with customers, prospects, industry leaders and analysts, talented team members who spend their days thinking about shifts in the market and underlying business use cases and pain points and technology transformations, plus our constant and relentless tracking of the data industry.

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